Whether it is half term in Geneva, the summer holidays in Moscow or even an entire year travelling the world with a family, the residential tutors at The London Education Company are fully equipped to deliver engaging and inspiring lessons anywhere in the world. We understand that it may be difficult for you to come to London so that is why we give our clients the option of our tutors coming to you, wherever you may be. We provide residential tutors to families across the UK and across the world for all subjects and all ages, so whether you need help preparing for the UK entrance exams, help getting into a UK university or perhaps exam help, at The London Education Company, we will try give you a solution no matter what your specification.

Our residential tutors are trained to teach abroad and ensure they are constantly in communication with our head tutors so that your child gets the best support, continuously. Our clientele expect the best from us, and that is what we aim to deliver. We recruit and train our tutors accordingly and ensure our tutors can operate with confidence and courtesy in a demanding role. We provide tuition outside the UK for any duration – it could be one week or even one year and so whatever your specification, get in touch to see what we can offer.

Our residential tutors do not just provide private tuition for exams. We offer services that are far more diverse, varying from professional qualifications, life skills, jobs within the UK, school and university entrance help and even Oxbridge applications. But what really makes us unique is that we do not just want to meet your education requirements, but we want to leave you a refined person full of self-belief and confidence, ready to thrive in this competitive world of ours. And the great thing about us is that we are with you throughout your journey and at every step of the way, so if you need anything whatsoever, our dedicated team are on standby to help you.

As a renowned education agency we know that it is not just about sending a good tutor, but rather a good tutor that matches with you. Every student has a unique style and preference, and the same goes with teaching styles of tutors. The London Education Company’s approach to selecting the right tutor is rigorous and we aim to ensure they do not disappoint, after all, nothing is worse than getting a residential tutor for a year who just does not understand the student! Our selection process is thorough and we want our tutor to be a great fit for your family. We understand it takes a team to get it right, and that is what we have – our tutoring registrar will match your specification with our pool of students and ensure they meet your requirements, and it is only after we have interviewed them and given them our seal of approval, that we confidently pass them over to you.

To us, being a specialist and good at what you’re going to teach is a given, anyone can be good at Maths, Science or English, but what’s hard is making that learning experience that little bit more exciting and that is what our tutors do. Our tutors cannot be boring, they have to have the qualifications, experience and have a fun and exciting streak to them too. Excited? Find out more about the kind of tutor that would be coming your way on our “Our Team”. We really do believe all of our tutors are outstanding, they not only have excellent academic ability, but they have proven ability to inspire education and communicate effectively. So whether you live overseas, or are just on holiday, get in touch with The London Education Company and we can arrange one of our experienced tutors to ensure your learning will not fall behind.